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in principle

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin principlein principlea) POSSIBLEif something is possible in principle, there is no good reason why it should not happen, but it has not actually happened yet syn theoretically In principle, the new software should make the accounting system a lot simpler. b) AGREEif you agree to something in principle, you agree about a general plan or idea but have not yet considered the details They have accepted the idea in principle. The government has agreed in principle to a referendum. principle
Examples from the Corpus
agreed in principleGeneral Mladic had also agreed in principle to open a corridor to Cerska.It was announced on Feb. 25 that a ceasefire had been agreed in principle as a prelude to full peace negotiations.The Committee agreed in principle to your initial proposals.Yesterday councillors agreed in principle to the options but gave a preference for the church activities because of traffic problems from the nursery.Saur has agreed in principle to buy out its partner to produce closer ties with its other operation, Cambrian Environmental Services.Stevens International Inc. said it agreed in principle to settle a class-action shareholder lawsuit against it.The cessation of hostilities was agreed in principle.
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