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in progress

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin progressin progressformalHAPPEN happening now, and not yet finished A lecture was in progress in the main hall.work/research in progress They looked in periodically to check the work in progress. progress
Examples from the Corpus
work/research in progressReading their work, we see the West as a work in progress.Pruitt said the plan is a work in progress.California Rhones are very much a work in progress.Admittedly, Keys noted that the event was still a work in progress, but none of the elements came together.Forget work in progress, because work is always in progress.While few are completed at the time of writing, previews of work in progress suggest some excellent material.There are some authoritative reviews and also some quite short research notes, outlining research in progress.Now, with the work in progress, the house continues to evoke emotions.
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