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in rags

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin ragsin ragsDCCwearing old torn clothes Children in rags begged money from the tourists. rag
Examples from the Corpus
in ragsIs it formal, or can we attend in rags?The shift was an unbroken sixteen hours and the children were clothed in rags.Two were very thin and dressed in rags.There are areas where every child is in rags and learns to be a thief from the age of three.She dressed Jane in rags to make her look bad to establish clearly the undesirability of another female in the house.an old man in ragsAn old Rabari arrived, a skeleton in rags like all traveling pastoralists in this area.The Rumanian or Andalusian peasant went in rags.I was comforted when Matata showed me a Boer war rifle wrapped in rags in the bottom of the canoe.
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