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in relation to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin relation to somethingin relation to somethingformal a) used to talk about something that is connected with or compared with the thing you are talking about Women’s earnings are still low in relation to men’s. b) formal concerning latest developments in relation to the disease relation
Examples from the Corpus
in relation to somethingWhere is Fort Collins in relation to Denver?Of practical concern to the consumer is information regarding the pricing of eggs in relation to size.He only existed in relation to Ryder's, and by extension Waugh's, lugubrious loathing for what the future held.One approach centres on analysis of the rhetoric of the image in relation to looking, and the desire to look.It is a deeply problematic book, particularly in relation to its hugely successful sequel.On the other hand, special relativity tells us something deep about physical reality, in relation to the nature of time.Take a look at the damage from another angle, this time in relation to other local stocks.In most cases the literature which we discuss offers clear priorities and quite explicit points of view in relation to photographic cultures.Every person knew where and who he was in relation to every other person.
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