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in reply (to something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin reply (to something)in reply (to something)formalANSWER/REPLY as a way of replying to something I am writing in reply to your letter of 1st June. reply
Examples from the Corpus
in reply (to something)Alderley Edge side Icicals scored 186-6 when they visited Burnage, the home side managed 163-9 in reply.But Bakker in reply says cartilage is in fact better for absorbing shocks and for building up hydrostatic pressure.Red-faced, the judge stormed off the bench and slammed the door to his chambers in reply.I grinned in reply, pretending I liked the exercise.As it happens there was a Koo in reply.He had expressed a similar thought to a neurologist friend of his once, to receive an alarmed look in reply.He makes no record of his own sentiments at this point; nor of what he said in reply.However, it would be unrealistic to do so in replying to the debate.The renewed violence was in reply to continued government pressure on the rebels.I am writing in reply to your letter dated May 12.
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