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in respect of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin respect of somethingin respect of somethingformalCONNECTED WITH concerning or in relation to something This is especially true in respect of the UK. respect
Examples from the Corpus
in respect of somethingIn respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal under the law.The two classes of powers are different, both in respect of their origin and their nature.The Bad ` Un's tactics are relentless in deflecting efforts made towards relationship with you, especially in respect of prayer.Companies A company may sue for defamation, but only in respect of statements which damage its business reputation.A person is not powerful or powerless, in general, but only in respect of particular people in specific situations.The first is that there are no systematic entailments between sentences differing only in respect of compatibles in parallel syntactic positions.We have already seen that two sentences differing only in respect of cognitive synonyms occupying parallel syntactic positions are in general logically equivalent.
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