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in/round these parts

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin/round these partsin/round these partsDNLIVE SOMEWHEREin the particular area that you are in We don’t get many tourists in these parts. part
Examples from the Corpus
in/round these partsColangelo is, as they say with both admiration and bitterness in these parts, large and in charge.There are very few dead nights in clubland round these parts.Distances in these parts are surprisingly tiny.Their labours will meet reward, for such servants are as gold in these parts.Whatever his inclinations, Larren is some one whose prospects and personal powers make him in these parts a man of capital importance.But I am known in these parts to be a really good judge of character.It is not done to miss a marriage in these parts.Llewelyn's well served in these parts, it seems.
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