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in search of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin search of somethingin search of somethinglooking for something Mark went in search of water. search
Examples from the Corpus
in search of somethingAs soon as the seat-belt sign was turned off, Cantor went back in search of Stafford.Inspired, she reaches for a Williams Sonoma cookbook in search of ideas for more summery outdoor meals.Many of its best-educated residents have been driven to neighboring counties in search of better jobs.Varo saw herself and artists in general as explorers, in search of inner truth and spiritual meaning.Musicians often finish their set and prowl the fairgrounds in search of new sounds and soul food.With markets so volatile, small investors are turning from do-it-yourself trading in search of greater interaction and guidance from brokers.There was a time when air travelers in search of timely takeoffs and sterling service would fly with Delta Air Lines.Already prickling with sweat, I went in search of the bar.
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