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in-service training/courses etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin-service training/courses etcin-service training/courses etcSETtraining etc that you do while you are working in a job in-service
Examples from the Corpus
in-service training/courses etcThe second one, which is two hours long, is designed for teachers, college lecturers and in-service training.If trainees are attending a regular in-service training course, individual viewing could be built into the syllabus.Some apply for every in-service training course that is going.Organizers of in-service training courses will also find them useful.In some cases school finances are being pooled to fund in-service training, large expensive resources and joint activities for the children.The potential contributions of the academic and in-service courses must be left for another occasion.Both should receive official sanction and both require in-service training opportunities to acquire the necessary skills.A national in-service training programme will ensure that all teachers are fully qualified in the subject they are teaching.
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