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in so many words

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin so many wordsin so many words (also in as many words) [usually negative]CLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTAND in a direct way, or in a way that makes it very clear what you mean Aunt Fay wasn’t happy and said so in as many words. word
Examples from the Corpus
in so many wordsIn so many words, she told me that I don't have any talent.And, if taxed by such as Sylvester, he probably would not now admit it in so many words.Zuwaya had a deterrent theory of peace, and stated it in so many words."Did he say we got the contract?" "Not in so many words."To be fair, the majority report does not in so many words advance the argument.Oh, not in so many words, of course.It hurts to write that out in so many words, but how could it be otherwise.Although it has not said so in so many words, it is also for the supranational space.But I also knew that if I admitted to that in so many words, Janir would start fussing.There is, in fact, considerable nervousness about saying these things in so many words.
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