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in somebody’s (infinite) wisdom

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin somebody’s (infinite) wisdomin somebody’s (infinite) wisdomUNDERSTAND humorous used to say that you do not understand why someone has decided to do something The boss, in her infinite wisdom, has decided to reorganize the whole office yet again. wisdom
Examples from the Corpus
in somebody’s (infinite) wisdomThe board, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to give Waters back his job.Nothing is more completely accepted in the conventional wisdom than the cliche that economic life is endlessly and inherently uncertain.My daughter, the poet, says Sofia was the goddess in charge of wisdom long ago.The Guardian, in its wisdom, plucks out of the blue a figure of £200 million.The Government had in its wisdom decided on the former - hence the Black and Tans.King, in his finite wisdom, figured out that three fights would make more money than one.These attitudes have persisted in the conventional wisdom.There will be many a swing in both conventional wisdom and political fortunes between now and November.
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