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in somebody’s/something’s wake

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin somebody’s/something’s wakein somebody’s/something’s wakeAFTERbehind or after someone or something The car left clouds of dust in its wake. wake
Examples from the Corpus
in somebody’s/something’s wakeThey also might enable companies to resume the building projects they abandoned in the wake of the December 1994 peso devaluation.I call Stan from the airport in San Francisco and wake him up with the bad news.Here, then, are questions that parents have raised with Child Caring in the wake of the Angeli story.The morning was cold, in the wake of the north wind that had frozen the fields since mid-March.The park was formed to preserve for ever the spectacular countryside, lakes and river systems created in the wake of the glacier.Love is not the impure self-seeking that chokes everything in its wake.The tornado left hundreds of damaged homes in its wake.The people in the house were waking up.To some extent the advances made in our primary schools in the wake of the Plowden Report have been squandered.
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