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in store (for somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin store (for somebody)in store (for somebody)FUTUREif something unexpected such as a surprise or problem is in store for someone, it is about to happen to them There’s a real treat in store for you this Christmas! As we left, I wondered what the future held in store. store
Examples from the Corpus
in store (for somebody)The mayor pointed out that people are used to being watched in banks, at bank machines and in stores.Even so, his grand accommodation suggests that great things are in store for him.More layoffs may be in store if the federal shutdown drags on.Under an organic regime, insecticides can not be used once the crop is in store.A resumption of dividend payments looks in store this year and the shares at 37p are attractive.There are a lot of house numbers in figure form sold in stores and catalogs, but script numbers are hiding somewhere.The cost of buying things in stores was low.And another highlight, though of quite a different kind, was in store next.
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