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in sync (with something/somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin sync (with something/somebody)in sync (with something/somebody)a) if things are in sync, they are working well together at exactly the same time and speedbe/move/work in sync The two mechanisms have to work in sync. The soundtrack is not quite in sync with the picture. b) matching or in agreement a celebrity who is in sync with young people’s lifestyles The president is in sync with Thompson’s views on many issues. sync
Examples from the Corpus
in sync (with something/somebody)Continuity is how things work in real time when they are in sync.Rin Tin Tin barked in sync, but the cowboys kept talking long after their mouths were closed.A game of H-O-R-S-E began, and Tiffany was completely in sync.Rather than starting a new activity, try to get in sync with whatever your kids are already doing.The animation, though satisfactory, could have been more in sync with the character voices.For those not in sync with the latest trends, microbrew is simply beer brewed in small, local breweries.He trotted in sync across the yard as the swarm eased away.
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