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in tandem

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin tandemin tandemTIME/AT THE SAME TIMEdoing something together or at the same time as someone or something else The two companies often work in tandem.in tandem with The group operated in tandem with local criminals. tandem
Examples from the Corpus
tandem withShe finally jumped in tandem with the ride operator.Clearly, wealth has recently moved in tandem with the savings ratio.In 508 Theuderic continued his father's onslaught on the Gothic south, in tandem with the Burgundians.The Berlin Philharmonic, founded in 1882, has grown up in tandem with the evolution of the star conductor.Both X L and X G will vary in tandem with each other.Cold butter will absorb less flour yet work in tandem with the flour to produce a flaky crust when baked.It seems to him more likely though that Empire is working in tandem with exploitation.
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