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in terms of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin terms of somethingin terms of somethingCONNECTED WITHif you explain or describe something in terms of a particular fact or event, you are explaining or describing it only in relation to that fact or eventdescribe/measure/evaluate etc something in terms of something Femininity is still defined in terms of beauty. It’s a mistake to think of Florida only in terms of its tourist attractions. It’s too early to start talking in terms of casualties.in terms of what/how/who etc Did the experiment find any differences in terms of what children learned? term
Examples from the Corpus
in terms of what/how/who etcIn the end, there is little change in terms of what children learn.Another philosophical stance views children in terms of what they know-their strengths.He sees it in terms of what might be.Mainstream modernism has often measured its modernity in terms of how far it dispenses with nature / naturalism.If you really want to get the job think only in terms of what you can do for your future employer.How it works Simply follow the programme as laid out in terms of how often to walk and for how long.And it is also good to think in terms of what bad things could happen.We should have the communications people thinking in terms of how the President can articulate what the future might be.
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