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in that

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin thatin thatBECAUSEused after a statement to begin to explain in what way it is true I’ve been lucky in that I have never had to worry about money. in
Examples from the Corpus
in thatPerhaps one way is to return to ecology and base our morality in that.How, in that case, could late 1960s progressive rock be specific to the counterculture?Mary's scream sounded particularly loud in that dark silence.I'd been welcome in that house for as long as you had-longer, because you were away and I just about lived there.For one week the company messaging sys-tem would provide an open forum for grievances and suggestions, not necessarily in that order.The first step in that process would be self-education.An organized raid could clean up in that room, right down to the rubies and diamonds in their noses.The new system is similar to the old one in that there is still a strong central government.The Profitboss doesn't see selling in that way at all.
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