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in the annals of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the annals of somethingin the annals of somethingPASTin the whole history of something one of the most unusual cases in the annals of crime annals
Examples from the Corpus
in the annals of somethingFact, in this instance, is far stranger and more profoundly disquieting than anything in the annals of fiction.Yet it remains one of the most fondly remembered lines in the annals of Advertising.I wondered how our love would be marked in the annals of the universe.In all this, including the boredom, there is nothing new in the annals of adolescence.Whoever invented the golf cart deserves an honored place in the annals of sport.His theory, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine last June, prompted lots of critics to write in.Rarely in the annals of human history has any people committed so much of its treasure to such a noble cause.If the budget is actually balanced because of Clinton, his comparative stature in the annals of history will grow only modestly.No one can compete with Tiepolo in the annals of European painting for his mythological heroes.
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