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in the background

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the backgroundin the backgroundSEEsomeone who keeps or stays in the background tries not to be noticed The president’s advisors are content to remain in the background. background
Examples from the Corpus
in the backgroundAgain, a palm across the mouthpiece and the drone of conversation in the background.Some piano music tinkles gently in the background, a black Armani shirt clings softly to his chest.This is an ideal species to be grown in the background of the tank and will give it a very natural look.Tutilo hovered in the background, keeping himself modestly apart while his betters conferred.Looming in the background are always the twin prospects of sudden incalculable wealth and instant agonizing death.Lurking in the background, too, are the constant takeover rumors about the bank, the largest in Florida.Fred Bradley stayed very much in the background and his soft, kind eyes helped to put her at ease.She saw Lee hoist the baby on his shoulder, with people passing in the background.
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