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in the event of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the event of somethingin the event of something (also in the event that something happens)IF used to tell people what they should do if something happens He left a letter for me to read in the event of his death. event
Examples from the Corpus
in the event of somethingThe countries involved have pledged to offer mutual assistance in the event of a spill.It offers vital financial cover in the event of you being permanently disabled in an accident.And overweight twins are a deathtrap in the event of an engine failure.She accepts her own implication in the events of her past.A rechargeable battery protects the stored programme data for up to eight months in the event of the programmer being unplugged.In some families species have been included from the upper slope in the event of overlapping bathymetric ranges.Their homes will probably have a hotline to the local police station in the event of any signs of vigilante action.The next question is the tenacity of a trust in the event of insolvency.
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