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in the face of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the face of somethingin the face of somethingDESPITEin a situation where there are many problems, difficulties, or dangers It is amazing how Daniels has survived in the face of such strong opposition from within the party. face
Examples from the Corpus
in the face of somethingHenceforth the Painswick cloth mills gradually closed in the face of competition.And yet most remarkable of all is his coolness in the face of massive inexperience.Environmental organisations are near to despair in the face of such skilful procrastination.Award-winning entertainment that flies in the face of gravity lands in Tucson for two nights only.The defeat that had frightened her in the faces of black men was the defeat of black for ever defined by white.My memos are spitballs in the face of the faceless monolith where I work.It is amazing how Daniels has survived in the face of such strong political opposition.It was an error to take the long view in the face of moral objections.Babies are weak and vulnerable in the face of huge shapes and loud noises that they can only dimly perceive.
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