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in the final/last analysis

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the final/last analysisin the final/last analysisBASICused when giving the most basic or important facts about a situation In the final analysis, profit is the motive. analysis
Examples from the Corpus
in the final/last analysisIn the final analysis Stalin was just as much a dictator as Hitler.In the final analysis, the project was a failure.And, in the final analysis, are they any good?The pressures driving research evaluation are, in the final analysis, political.But in the final analysis it had been he who wanted out.But in the final analysis, these are just details.The shift of leadership to John Smith may seem temporarily convincing, but it is in the last analysis cosmetic.The responsibility for the accident must, in the last analysis, rest with the captain.The Trotskyist movement could benefit only in the final analysis and in the long range.It should also comfort to recognize that, in the final analysis, these sums are operating to purify decision-making.That, in the final analysis, is what organizational control is all about.
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