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in the foreseeable future

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the foreseeable futurein the foreseeable futurePREDICTfairly soon There is a possibility of water shortages in the foreseeable future. foreseeable
Examples from the Corpus
in the foreseeable futureThere is a possibility of water shortages in the foreseeable future.But the idea of full-blown solar power stations is unrealistic in the foreseeable future.He noted that the club would need to do work on the North and South stands in the foreseeable future.Is redundancy, early retirement, or any other major change possible or likely in the foreseeable future?Some of the causes of default, such as socioeconomic conditions, can not be changed in the foreseeable future.To push them on decommissioning would be to remove any chance of it happening in the foreseeable future.We shall not bridge that gap with particle accelerators in the foreseeable future!
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