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in the interim

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the interimin the interimPERIOD OF TIMEin the period of time between two events syn meanwhile The child will be adopted, but a relative is looking after him in the interim. interim
Examples from the Corpus
in the interimA new police chief will be chosen, but Keyter will be acting chief in the interim.And in the interim Robinson found himself defending his strategies, his motivations, even his ability to coach football.But before we begin on our quest, we need something to call them in the interim.Oh I looked at that in the interim.Other attempts had been no more successful in the interim.Perhaps the shoemaker left out some cookies in the interim.The delays are always measured in years, and some plaintiffs die in the interim.The early Church saw, in the parable, a warning to be faithful in the interim period prior to the Second Coming.
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