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in the light of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the light of somethingin the light of somethingBritish English, in light of something American EnglishBECAUSE if you do or decide something in the light of something else, you do it after considering that thing In light of this tragic event, we have canceled the 4th of July celebrations. light
Examples from the Corpus
in the light of somethingA supplementary budget was announced in February 1991 in the light of the negative effects of the Gulf crisis on the economy.They were smooth and shiny, the skin bright in the light of the overhead lamp.I look at this coldly in the light of right and wrong.We frequently are told in more general words that the Constitution must be construed in the light of the present.We then analyzed that data in the light of history and like activities, and published the results for all to see.The cry of the tortured, the disillusioned, the faithless in the light of appalling suffering.It provides for rapid feedback and the consequent modification of goals in the light of changing circumstances.Justice is viewed in the light of living up to those rules.
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