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in the manner of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the manner of somebody/somethingin the manner of somebody/somethingformalTYPICAL in the style that is typical of a particular person or thing a painting in the manner of the early Impressionists manner
Examples from the Corpus
in the manner of somebody/somethingIn the almost total absence of information there can be no interest in systematizing procedures in the manner of the Victoria Centre.He caught her eye and beckoned curling his finger in the manner of a schoolmaster summoning the class clown.It is more, in the manner of Kane s penultimate work, Crave, a dramatised poem.The Trunchbull started advancing slow and soft-footed upon Rupert in the manner of a tigress stalking a small deer.For Branson did not appear pompous, overbearing, practised or City-Slicker smooth in the manner of other captains of industry.But Peckinpah is unable to create any objectivity towards the sadistic spectacle, in the manner of, say, Akira Kurosawa.Hilary batted with style, in the manner of a latter-day Raffles, distributing possible catches around the lawn.Buckthorn had been bitten in the foreleg and the wound, in the manner of a rat-bite, was irritant and painful.
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