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in the name of religion/freedom/science etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the name of religion/freedom/science etcin the name of religion/freedom/science etcusing religion, freedom etc as the reason why something is done – used especially when you disapprove of what someone is doing cruel experiments on animals carried out in the name of science the things people do in the name of love name
Examples from the Corpus
in the name of religion/freedom/science etcThey banned meat, eggs and alcohol in the name of religion.They do so all in the name of freedom.He also reminded the court that such auctions were permitted by the United States constitution in the name of freedom of expression.We are seduced by what science can do in the name of freedom and civilisation.Lord Salmon clearly felt strongly and spoke in the name of freedom and democracy.They can take the fun out of sports in the name of religion.Objections to the creation stories are made up in the name of science.Most gruesome and horrible mutilations - and all, mind you, in the name of religion.
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