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in the near future

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the near futurein the near futureSOONsoon They promised to contact us again in the near future. near
Examples from the Corpus
in the near futureI don't anticipate that happening in the near future.A very limited selection of wines is available; one hopes that this will be expanded in the near future.Already regional water shortages are causing disruptions and are predicted to become the cause of wars in the near future.Conditions might mature in the near future.Hopefully that will get settled in the near future.The prudent ratio depends very much on how banks see their requirements for liquidity changing in the near future.Unfortunately we have no trainee vacancies at present, nor do I anticipate any in the near future.I was hoping that Vecchi would show up in the near future and save everybody a lot of headaches.I think you certainly aim for that some time, maybe in the near future, but not quite yet.
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