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in the original

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the originalin the originalSLLin the language that a book, play etc was first written in, before it was translated I’d prefer to read it in the original. original
Examples from the Corpus
in the originalThe Foresters Dine in the original atmosphere of an old Coaching Inn.Tim has read Homer in the original.Markowitz's two-parameter model spawned an academic industry engaged in exploring the ramifications of the investor behaviour implied in the original formulation.Always question any increase in price and ask why it was not included in the original estimates.The role produces masters of realpolitik, Machiavellian in the original sense of the word.There seemed to be a lot of faces I had not noticed in the original team.One wishes that the contributors had collaborated with authors able to read sources in the original languages.This presumes that in the original metric equation is positive.Nor is it a one-man vehicle, as Frankie Howerd's triumph in the original West End production might have suggested.
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