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in the person of somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the person of somebodyin the person of somebodyformalREPRESENT used before the name of someone who you have just mentioned in a more general way I was met by the police in the person of Sergeant Black. person
Examples from the Corpus
in the person of somebodyA witness did appear in the person of tow-truck driver Mark Turpin.Dissent in the county none the less survived powerfully through the eighteenth century in the persons of Phillip Doddridge and his followers.Death, in the person of the Prophet.A clear leader emerged in the person of Miyazawa.York and Durham, perhaps even in the persons of Aethelric and Cynsige, with the armed power of the church.Another introduction to politics was provided for me in the person of Randolph Churchill.A real politician, in the person of Norman Tebbit, was the only chosen to fight the election.Medical help was summoned in the person of the family doctor, Doctor Stanfield.
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