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in the presence of somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the presence of somebodyin the presence of somebody (also in somebody’s presence) formalWITH with someone or in the same place as them He was determined not to complain in the presence of the nurse. I asked you not to smoke in my presence. presence
Examples from the Corpus
in the presence of somebodyThe sound puzzled him: it was wrong for boys in the presence of Mrs Crumwallis.A western blot labelled with 125 I-calmodulin in the presence of Ca 2+ was used to identify the calmodulin-binding proteins.Conversely, the absence of hypoxaemia predicts a low risk of death, even in the presence of radiographic pneumonia.Another model allows for partisan effects to occur even in the presence of rational expectations.The deep is present throughout his Gospel in the presence of the cosmic darkness.My interrogation must have taken place in the presence of the King himself.However, such activation was dramatically reduced in the presence of the Oct-1 expression vector.It was quite clear to them that they were at this moment standing in the presence of a master.
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