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in the process

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the processin the processDOHAPPENwhile you are doing something or something is happening I spilt the coffee, burning myself in the process. process
Examples from the Corpus
in the processBut there are some things that others have done that are useful to think about in the process.This will help distinguish your message from others, and in the process will interest the reader.The Warriors won, but almost gave their coach a heart attack in the process.All of these fungi are, of course, very important in the process of decay and recycling of nutrients to the soil.He is in the process of changing his swing and said his old method had started to show up a little too much.It is potential in the process of becoming.Discussions focussed on education, training and the role of participatory radio in the process of social change.That means attempts to nab the downright nasty might just nail a few well-heeled, flannel-shirted shoppers in the process.We can not ignore the fact that long-held attitudes were in the process of change.
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