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in the saddle

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the saddlein the saddleinformal a) DSHriding a horse We did six or eight hours in the saddle every day. b) POWERin a position in which you have power or authority He always has to be in the saddle, controlling everything. saddle
Examples from the Corpus
in the saddleAlready in the saddle for some time, Rosecrans would spend the day there, a striking picture of courageous leadership.Ninety minutes later they were all back in the saddle and drawing their first covert as if the season had just begun.Instinctively he rolled in the saddle and felt the white-hot stab of pain as something sharp scored a line across his shoulders.With Riders in the Sky in the saddle, you can depend on superb musicianship and sublime vocals.Somehow, she stayed in the saddle.It was our first time in the saddle and it had daughter, 11, champing at the bit for more.The moment Carey was confident that Elizabeth had breathed her last he was in the saddle, racing for the Border.Sheridan was in the saddle, and with his command spurring on after the enemy.
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