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in the short run

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the short runin the short runSHORT TIMEin the near futureshort-term Sufficient supply, in the short run, will be a problem. run
Examples from the Corpus
in the short runThe recipients did not, and in the short run simply could not, spend the majority of their extra revenue.He predicted more volatile dealings in the short run.However, in the short run, numerous factors may operate to cause changes in supply.It showed the company that Orrick was willing to make a commitment to them by losing some money in the short run.Although this is the socially efficient output in the short run it is not efficient in the long run.This could follow if the capital goods producing industries faced capacity constraints in their attempt to raise output in the short run.The problem worsens with the relentless financial pressures for immediate performance in the short run.Of course, IRAs cost the Treasury in the short run.
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