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in the throes of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the throes of somethingin the throes of somethingformalSUFFER in the middle of a very difficult situation a country in the throes of a profound economic crisis throes
Examples from the Corpus
in the throes of somethingHer boys were always in the throes of what she euphemistically called summer colic.Even in the throes of laughing at some remark passed by Grace Bird, Bunny watched Geoffrey.The pin-headed young woman was being surprised by her husband in the throes of simulated adultery.She pitches her proposition in the throes of passionate lovemaking.I have seen judges reeling in the throes of it.At the time, Liberia was still in the throes of a civil war.Ironically, those in the throes Of assimilating are likely to feel worse about them-selves than those on Union Street.Last, those who in the throes of passion drop your clothes, then, stop to hang their trousers up.
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