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in the twenties

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the twentiesin the twentiesif the temperature is in the twenties, it is between 20 degrees and 29 degreesin the low/mid/high twenties a warm day, with temperatures in the low twenties twenty
Examples from the Corpus
in the twentiesMy fear of dentists dates back to my earliest experiences in the twenties.Not much money but things were different in the twenties.Most likely to suffer are concrete block houses built in the Twenties and Thirties and earlier buildings where shuttered concrete was employed.Being proved theoretically correct in the twenties and thirties did not lead automatically to the strengthening of the Trotskyist movement.There was no lack of revolutionary opportunities in the twenties and thirties.This is how black people in the South used to live back in the twenties and thirties.A classic storyline set in the twenties being filmed in the nineties.The increase in living standards in the twenties was accompanied by a relatively much greater increase in consumer borrowing.
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