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in the vicinity (of something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the vicinity (of something)in the vicinity (of something) formalin the area around a particular place The stolen car was found in the vicinity of the station. There used to be a mill in the vicinity. vicinity
Examples from the Corpus
in the vicinity (of something)A great deal of traffic was involved in moving ammunition and bombs for the many airfields in the vicinity.They usually come with self-adhesive pads, so it can be mounted anywhere in the vicinity of the tank.Smith says she was attacked in the vicinity of the bus station.The total is expected to be in the vicinity of 30, like the last couple of years.Lott said the number would be in the vicinity of $ 3 million.The planned revolt appeared to be a well-organized project involving about one thousand blacks in the vicinity of Richmond.Prehistoric graves have recently been discovered in the vicinity.This will kill of the cancer cells but it will also kill off anything else in the vicinity.In the worst recorded incident over 200 Sinhalese were killed in the vicinity of Hambantota on Dec. 20.The meteorites are somewhere in the vicinity of 4.5 billion years old.
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