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in the wild

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin the wildin the wildHBNATURALin natural and free conditions, not kept or controlled by people There are very few pandas living in the wild now. wild
Examples from the Corpus
in the wildThey need a dry period and a wet period as in the wild.Naturalists have long been aware that elephants in the wild use sticks or rocks to scratch patterns in the dust.It is the difference between the corporate zoo and life in the wild.There are only about 5000 white rhino left living in the wild.Not in the wildest days of his boyish visions could he have seen the alluring shape of such an extraordinary success!First, a zoo can sample just a tiny part of the diversity present in the wild.Which mammal has the shortest life-span in the wild?Most of the animals we treat would not survive in the wild.Many of the herbs Chris uses for treating his fish would be accessible to them in the wild.Training in the wild grass of the Everglades.
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