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in this/that regard

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin this/that regardin this/that regardformalCONNECTED WITH relating to something you have just mentioned The company’s problems, in this regard, are certainly not unique. regard
Examples from the Corpus
in this/that regardAnd in this regard there is no doubt that the middle classes of the emerging world have an edge.The second guidance was in respect of roads, and much needed to be done in this regard.Last quarter we stated the need for developing a new appraisal system. The department's efforts in this regard have been impressive.It is well within reason to expect help in this regard in exchange for further financial assistance.And we let him know we understood that and that we expected to receive a comparable benefit for ourselves in that regard.There is no substitute for truly professional practice in this regard.Henry Fielding was one of those who was annoyed by the poor's presumption in this regard.My job with the City of New York was particularly rewarding in that regard.I know that in this regard my feeling will be echoed by my hon. Friends with responsibility for Bristol constituencies.
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