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in time to/with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin time to/with somethingin time to/with somethingif you do something in time to a piece of music, you do it using the same rhythm and speed as the music Gloria was tapping her feet in time to the music. time
Examples from the Corpus
in time to/with somethingYou could go to Newcastle or York shopping and be back in time to do the school run.Aeneas came back with a large army of Etruscans in time to save the camp, and furious war raged.A few lonely men nursing a half-empty glass patted the floor in time to the music.I came into the hall just in time to see it.Put people in a position to learn by doing and provide them the information and support needed just in time to perform.Kicking down the side-rest as he jumped clear, he spun round in time to see Mariana slide down the bank.But are they in time to save a season gone wrong?I flipped on the car radio, tapping on the steering wheel in time to the music.
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