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in/within living memory

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin/within living memoryin/within living memoryALWAYS/FOREVERduring the time that anyone can remember It was the worst storm in living memory. living
Examples from the Corpus
in/within living memoryAfter that sweltering afternoon in May, we went through a period of epic heat, the hottest summer in living memory.For the first time in living memory a presidential candidate claimed the White House before his rival had conceded the race.For the village it was the most exciting news in living memory.It has doubled within living memory.It has, after all, been the worst first year of any parliament in living memory.Still, for a prime minister who enjoyed the longest honeymoon in living memory, these are unhappy days.The country is in the depths of a recession, made worse by the worst drought in living memory.They are among hundreds of northeastern North Dakota farmers with crops damaged by the worst rain and rural flooding in living memory.
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