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in/within sight

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin/within sightin/within sighta) SEEinside the area that you can see I glanced around me quickly. There was no one in sight. They burned every house in sight. The boys get home and eat everything in sight. Since my hotel was within sight, I told him he could go. b) PROBABLYlikely to happen soon Six months from the start of the strike, there is still no end in sight. Peace is now in sight. sight
Examples from the Corpus
in/within sightThey probably thought they'd chosen a good place because it was near the bar and in sight of the dance floor.Al wanted to smoke, but there were no ashtrays in sight.Galliano play seamless, mellow grooves with soul, and not a black beret in sight.Today is the fifteenth day of the heat wave, with no end in sight.Lynn leaned out of the window, snapping pictures of everything in sight.Funny to see it way out here, within sight of Stone Mountain.With the end of the season in sight it is always worthwhile looking at the trends in diving accidents that have occurred.There were no soldiers in sight.That was the last and only rebel that ventured within sight, the rest remaining in their safe, iron-walled enclosure.No such opportunities, however, were in sight.
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