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(in) working order

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(in) working order(in) working orderWORKING/NOT BROKENworking properly and not brokenbe in good/perfect/full etc working order The car was old, but the engine was still in good working order. the amount of exercise needed to keep your body in working order working
Examples from the Corpus
(in) working orderOxygen, suction and emergency equipment must be at hand and in working order. 2.Controllers regained contact with the satellite after three anxious hours, and discovered that it appeared to be in full working order.Every lock in the house is in perfect working order.There had been some hints in the latter part of the nineteenth century that the machine was not in perfect working order.You did have to keep it clean and in good working order.The tenant need not pay rent until the business premises are put back in working order again.Hall of Power - a range of engines and heavy machinery, most of which are in working order and operated daily.These older tankers require continuous maintenance to keep them in good, safe working order at sea.
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