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in your dreams

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin your dreamsin your dreamsspokenIMAGINE used to say in a rude way that something is not likely to happen ‘I’m going to ask her to go out with me.’ ‘In your dreams!’ dream
Examples from the Corpus
in your dreamsBelieving in your Dreams is a powerful magnetic force!No doubt he was studying the Cabala in his dreams.He was very frightened of the spirits and they ran after him in his dreams.I know they will come back to haunt me in my dreams.He was a prophet too, and spoke to men in their dreams.The gods often spoke to men in their dreams.A pirate who might have been a Susan in his Dreams.Her spine twisted; in her dreams she twisted, turning toward that clearing again, again."I can beat you, no problem." "Yeah, in your dreams."
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