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in your face

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin your facein your face spoken informalHONEST behaviour, criticisms, remarks etc that are in your face are very direct and often shocking or surprising Bingham has a very ‘in your face’ writing style. face
Examples from the Corpus
in your faceHe reciprocated by flaunting his other affairs in her face.You get in their face, they get in yours.You could see it in their faces, minute by minute.The next time you hear a native-born athlete complain about adversity, remember Livan Hernandez and laugh in his face.Because from the very first day I looked in his face and saw a different boy.Most people, when they laugh, also exercise more than 14 groups of muscles in their face.Bingham has a real "in your face" writing style.It hissed and spat in their faces.
in-your-faceˌin-your-ˈface (also in-yer-face) adjective British English informal  in-your-face behaviour is intended to be noticed and to shock or upset people
Examples from the Corpus
in-your-faceJ is angry, but he realises that you haven't got to get totally in-your-face to get a serious message across.
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