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in your own good time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin your own good timein your own good timeinformalREADY if you do something in your own good time, you do it only when you are ready to do it, rather than when other people want you to I’ll tell him in my own good time. good
Examples from the Corpus
in your own good timeOnce the rabbit is dead it can be retrieved in your own good time.The problems are the normal ones of adolescence and will pass in their own good time.Whatever Jack wanted to do or say he would do or say in his own good time.He would do what had to be done in his own good time; she must leave him to it.Tina had felt let down, but knowing Bobby, he would tell them in his own good time what had happened.
in your own (good) timein your own (good) timeinformal when you are ready Bobby will tell them about it in his own good time. time
Examples from the Corpus
in your own (good) timeBefore, they used to count their breaks in the twelve hours, now their breaks are in their own time.You would be healthy in your own time.Blue Mooney, a living legend in his own time.Let me tell them myself, in my own time.He should take his own route in his own time and avoid the tendency to see through others' eyes.There were realistic hopes for Surrey as Mark Butcher and Stewart appeared to be building a stand in their own time.Nurses in training who work hard physically, study in their own time and have numerous personal commitments are under pressure.The recognition that exceptional holiness and spirituality continue to manifest themselves in our own time is also a central pentecostal conviction.
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