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in your own right

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin your own rightin your own rightDEPEND/IT DEPENDS#used to say that you have something or achieve something on your own, without depending on other people She’s a very wealthy woman in her own right. right
Examples from the Corpus
in your own rightKahlo was the wife of painter Diego Rivera and an artist in her own right.It is necessary to remind ourselves that involvement in the project constituted a significant staff-development exercise in its own right.MacKenzie is a powerful man in his own right.Both feature Hewlett's JetDirect interface for connection to local networks, which Hewlett-Packard will also market in its own right.Not a word about how people should have related to me, as a person in my own right.After two years of challenging the power of governments, the movement has become a power in its own right.Cold stores: Treat like small rooms in their own right using floor wall and ceiling techniques as appropriate.Loyalty in the emerging business organization, which will be personal and communal, will be satisfying in its own right.Their lyrics stand up as poems, good light verse in their own right.
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