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in your sights

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin your sightsin your sightsif you have someone or something in your sights, you intend to achieve it or get it for yourself, or to attack themhave somebody/something in your sights Rogers had victory firmly in his sights. sight
Examples from the Corpus
in your sightsOne of the Counsellors had her in his sights.Deposed leaders Bangor rekindled their challenge with a five wicket win over Ruthin to keep Marchwiel in their sights.I can keep Rainbow in my sights for a little while longer.S Supreme Court opens its new term Monday with affirmative action squarely in its sights.Mr Pacey's new team has 500 prime suspects in its sights.Under this program, shooters aim a wave signal at vehicles in their sights.That rapidly closed the gap, as Hamilton reached the turn in par in the afternoon and had victory in his sights.But their task is being sabotaged by those who have war in their sights.
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