2 adverb
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in2 S1 W1
1 into or inside a container, place, vehicle etc [≠ out]:
Eric held the boat steady while the children got in.
He went to the ticket machine and put a coin in.
She dived in and swam out to the yacht.
2 inside or into a building, especially your home or the place where you work [≠ out]:
Come in and sit down.
I'm afraid Mr Stewart won't be in until tomorrow morning.
We're staying in this evening.
3 if a train, boat, or plane is in, it has arrived at a station, airport etc:
Our train's not in yet.
When's her flight due in?
4 given or sent to a person or organization to be dealt with by them:
All entries must be in by next week.
Letters have been pouring in from all over the country.
Have you handed your essay in yet?
5 if you write, paint, or draw something in, you add it in the correct place:
Fill in your name and address on the form provided.
The information is typed in by trained keyboarders.
6DS if a player or team is in during a game of cricket (2), they are batting
7DS if a ball is in during a game, it is inside the area where the game is being played [≠ out]:
Agassi's second serve was just in.
8 if a politician or a political party is in, they have been elected:
Labour recorded its highest vote ever, but the Tories got in again.
9 towards the centre [= inward(s)]:
The map had started to curl in at the edges.
10TTW when the tide is in, the sea by the shore is at its highest level [≠ out]:
The tide was in, and the sea lapped against the harbour wall.

be in for something

if someone is in for something unpleasant, it is going to happen to them:
I'm afraid he's in for a bit of a disappointment.

be in for it

informal if someone is in for it, they are going to be punished:
If they find out what I've done, I'll be in for it, won't I?

be/get in on something

to be or become involved in something that is happening:
I think you ought to be in on this discussion, Ted.

be in with somebody

informal to have a friendly relationship with someone:
She's in with the theatrical crowd.
You have to be well in with the directors (=be very friendly with them) if you want to get promotion here.

be in at the beginning/start (of something)

to be present or involved when something starts

➔ have (got) it in for somebody

at have2 (41)

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