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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinaccuracyin‧ac‧cu‧ra‧cy /ɪnˈækjərəsi/ AWL noun (plural inaccuracies)  1 [countable]WRONG/INCORRECT a statement that is not completely correct Jansen’s review contained several inaccuracies.see thesaurus at mistake2 [uncountable]WRONG/INCORRECT a lack of correctness As a journalist, you simply cannot tolerate inaccuracy.
Examples from the Corpus
inaccuracyRule-based computers are limited in their ability to accommodate inaccuracies or fuzzy information.Any inaccuracy in weekly measurements and subsequent payments to subcontractors will be translated directly into both the financial and cost accounts.The system is therefore liable to suffer from inaccuracies of the type discussed above.This was the last opportunity for major inaccuracies to be corrected.It is not necessary either to agree with these or to point out inaccuracies.In practice, rounding-off errors soon produces inaccuracies which re-introduce small proportions of x1, which tend to grow relatively rapidly.The ad contained several inaccuracies regarding the computer.the inaccuracy of a weather forecast
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